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Colorado Bankruptcy Lawyers Advise on the Automatic Stay

Besides the obvious relief of discharged debt, bankruptcy can offer other benefits even before the bankruptcy is final and the debt has been discharged. The automatic stay is one of those benefits. Colorado bankruptcy lawyers have the forms and knowledge to file your bankruptcy petition as soon as possible. The automatic stay is issued as soon as the bankruptcy court has your completed petition Read More...
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Green Bay Bankruptcy Lawyers Help You From Beginning to End

When you pay your bills, you are rewarded with more credit. Many times that responsibility becomes too much to handle. It may have made sense at the time to add an additional monthly payment when you used your new credit card, but before you know it, too many of those minimums can add up to mounds of debt. Personal bankruptcy can be the result of many factors. Some of these factors include loss Read More...

Characteristics And Responsibilities Of A DUI Lawyer

If a person has been using drugs or even drinking alcohol and decides to drive a car in Ohio, the person runs the possibility of being pulled over by a police officer. If the person do not pass a set of tests- the sobriety tests and/or the breathalyzer tests, the person could be arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI).The person absolutely need to hire a DUI lawyer to handle the case. The O Read More...

Connecticut Bankruptcy Law: Exemptions That Help Protect Creditors

There are certain exemptions related to the Connecticut bankruptcy law that helps protect creditors when a debtor files bankruptcy in Connecticut. One also has the choice in Connecticut to avail of federal exemption statutes instead of the Connecticut exemptions, and it is also possible to use federal supplemental exemptions in conjunction with the Connecticut exemptions. Debtors don't Necessaril Read More...